Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Challenge Accepted

When I dreamt up this challenge I had no idea how well it would be received.  I had no idea if enough people would like the idea to make it plausible.  I also didn't know that many other food enthusiasts, who had blogs, that I could coerce into taking part.  When I posted the original idea on Tonight's Menu I really didn't expect the response that it received.

Before I knew where I was my initial tweet, asking for interested parties, had been re-tweeted across the country by people that I'd never even had any contact with.  I was awash with comments and well wishes.  Then the first of the volunteers stepped forward.  I will be introducing you to my merry band of men and women in the build up to the challenge starting on the 25th July.  I hope that along the way we'll discover new recipes and make new friends, which is definitely in the Olympic spirit.

"But what about the draw?" I hear you ask.  Well that took place today.  All 204 recognised National Olympic Committees (NOC's) have now been drawn out of a hat and allocated to a blogger.  To ensure all fairness I first drew the blogger's names so that the 12 of us were randomised.  I then drew from a small pot of nations that I considered to be quite easy to cook from.  The remaining 174 were then drawn and allocated.

L-R: Bloggers, Easier countries, The Rest of the World

Over the next few months, as we close in on the Olympics, I will introduce you to all of the bloggers who have agreed to take part in the Olympic Food Challenge.  I'll also publish the nations that they have drawn so that we can all look forward to the culinary treats in store.

If the countdown to the Olympics hadn't begun, for 12 of us, it has now!

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