Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blogger No.5 The Food I Eat

When setting up the Olympic Food Challenge, I quickly realised that the number of nations taking part wasn't divisable by the length of the games.  I would have found it very difficult to find 10.736842 bloggers, each of whom would have taken 19 nations.  Fortunatly a couple of bloggers wanted to take part but couldn't commit to a recipe a day.

Steph and Dave, from The Food I Eat, are the first of two bloggers with a short list of nations.  The Food I eat is a blog of the experience of eating in restaurants and occasionally at home.  It was born out of Steph's love of food and photography.  Whilst Steph is incharge of the blog and the photographs, it is Dave that is incharge of the cooking.  Steph also runs The Food Place, a UK wide, independant restaurant and take-away guide.

You can follow Steph and Dave on twitter at @missstephwalker and @davepullig respectively.
For the Olympic Food Challenge Steph and Dave have drawn:

St Lucia

*Seeded Countries

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